TTC provides high quality, website localisation service enabling you to connect with your international customers!

Website localisation is the process of adapting content or products to meet the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements of a specific target market. If you are planning to localise your company’s website, it would be equally important to localise any components such as Flash presentations or web applications to offer a complete web experience to the users in the target market.

We have experience in handling website localisation issues, including:
- Reviewing and analysing the source website
- Resolving issues related to the target country’s address, time, date and numerical formats
- Extracting text strings for translation
- Website testing, bug reporting and fixing

In order for us to localise your website successfully, it is important to have the following details:
- Your current website’s URL
- Summary of the site architecture
- Summary of any technologies and development tools used to develop your site
- All files that make up your website in their original file structure
- All original graphics used in the website
- All application source files

Formed in 1992, our company has catered for the communication needs of businesses around the globe. Faced with the ever growing and changing demands of communications technology, our strategic focus has shifted towards an increasingly client-driven model in the last 20 years. The result is flexible and value-added partnerships with our clients, of which we are justifiably proud. During this same period we have acquired valuable partner companies.

As one of the leading experts in delivering fast and reliable language solutions to fit your business needs, we are proud to have expertise not only in all major industry sectors, but also across all popular platforms and technologies. We work closely with clients to produce documentation within very tight deadlines. We are skilled in using Internet technologies and the World Wide Web, across PC and Macintosh platforms. Our leading edge tools and infrastructure give you flexible control of your language requirements.

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