TTC provides high quality, affordable telephone interpreting services in more than 140 languages, thus eliminating language barriers and facilitating understanding.

TTC offer instant telephone interpreting services

Telephone interpreting is the perfect way to communicate with your contacts in different parts of the world. The interpretation is carried out on a consecutive level between the participants involved.
TTC’s telephone interpreting service is easy to use. There are no set up charges and no contracts required – you simply pay as you use. Now, you can spend time focusing on your message, and not worry about whether your message is misunderstood.

24/7 Availability

Telephone interpreting service is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Don’t worry about holidays or weekends, we’re here for you.

Fast, Reliable Service

Our service is quick, we’ll have you connected to an interpreter in less than a minute!

High Quality, Worry-Free

Our interpreters must meet rigorous standards, guaranteeing high quality, accurate and unbiased interpretations.

This Service is Perfect For You

Whether you own your own business, offer a public service, or work for a global company, TTC’s telephone interpretation service is perfect for you. Our knowledgeable interpreters are specially trained in different industries to provide quality interpretations for you. Now you can be confident your message is understood.

Instant telephone interpreting features

• No set up charges or interpretation subscription
 No contract – you only pay when you use the service
• No minimum charges – you only pay for what you use
• Interpreting call charges are from only £2.00 per minute from the UK
• Most calls connected to the interpreter in less than a minute