Ensure your voiceover projects deliver the right message

1_interpretingMultilingual voiceovers can help you reduce your video production costs. Instead of needing to reproduce presentations, training tutorials, etc., multilingual voiceovers can help you quickly recreate the material in the languages required.
With our extensive experience in over 100 languages, TTC can help you deliver the right message to your audience. We make sure that your multilingual voiceover project maintains its original meaning but delivers the message in the appropriate tone and style.

At TTC, we go through the following process for every multilingual voiceover project:

  • Script preparation by professionals who understand the attention to detail required to ensure the voice studio can edit the recordings correctly.
  • Experienced professional translators who understand your project’s intended meaning and can translate your words without losing the impact.
  • Multiple language recordings completed in a professional studio using state of the art equipment and voice artists who are experts in what they do.

Throughout the multilingual voiceover process, checks are made to ensure the meaning of your original script is maintained.
If you are looking for a high standard of multilingual voiceovers, call TTC now on +44 (0)1245 216930 or send us an email.

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