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TTC provides high quality, website localisation services enabling you to connect with your international customers!

Customers are 4 times more likely to make a purchasing decision if the information provided to them is in their language.

Preparing your website for other countries means is adapting your content to meet the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements of a specific target market. If you are planning to localise your company’s website, it would be equally important to localise all components to offer a complete user experience in that particular language.

We have experience in handling website localisation issues such as:

  • Reviewing and analysing the source text in your website
  • Making sure target country’s address, time, date and numerical formats are respected
  • Translating keywords, page titles and meta descriptions
  • Testing the website and reporting the issues to your website developer

We will need the following details to successfully localise your website:

  • Your website’s url address
  • Your target customer profile – who will be using your website
  • What is the main purpose of your website (ie; marketing, brand awareness, e-commerce)
  • Your domain name strategy
  • What platform is your website built on?

Sometimes it maybe easier for us to contact your website developer directly to find out the above information.

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Listen to our webinar in our YouTube Channel ‘How to go global using your website’.

In this webinar we have covered the following points:

  • Why sell globally
  • 5 Myths you need to overcome for going global
  • How to use your website to go global
  • How to find an international opportunity
  • Selecting your target market
  • Make your website visible internationally
  • Essential mistakes to avoid
  • Questions & Answers

Click here to listen to the webinar or access the slides of the presentation

Formed in 1992, our company has catered for the communication needs of businesses around the globe. Faced with the ever growing and changing demands of communications technology, our strategic focus has shifted towards an increasingly client-driven model in the last 20 years. The result is flexible and value-added partnerships with our clients, of which we are justifiably proud. During this same period we have acquired valuable partner companies.

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