The print industry is a highly specialised field with precise technical terminology. Inaccurate print industry translation can lose you contracts and damage your reputation.

TTC has translators who are experienced in printing industry and can make sure that your work is correctly translated with the correct industry terminology your customers expect.

Avoid misunderstanding and confusing by using our translation service for print industry. We have an international reach of over 100 languages available to you.

Case Study: How translations helped my business grow

“We’re looking forward to working with you again. You’ve been a great part of our international success.” Wasatch –

We specialise in translation services for:

  • RIP softwares
  • Large offset printing machinery
  • Graphic arts software
  • Digital printing
  • Textile printing

No matter the size of your project, you will be completely satisfied with our print industry translation services. From small sign printing assignments to large software package translations, our translators are experienced and professional and are familiar with the issues and areas of concern specific to the printing industry.

TTC provides print industry translation you can trust.

To find out more just call us on +44 (0)1245 216 930 or email for a free no-obligation quote or arrange a meeting and see how TTC can help you.