Multilingual Branding-woman looking at world mapMake sure your brand image is communicated consistently

Multilingual branding goes beyond a brand name check and ensures that your entire portfolio of communication tools – corporate vision and mission statements, marketing material, training material – express the right message to both customers and employees.

TTC wetranslate has experience in over 100 languages.  Therefore, we can ensure that your branding strategy produces the impact you want in your target languages.

TTC wetranslate can help you be successful in presenting your brand in new markets. We can offer the following for your multilingual branding project:

    • Experienced professional translators who understand your brand strategy and can translate your words without changing the meaning.


    • Linguistic advice on whether your message could be improved to take into account the local culture or customs of a region.


    • A branding survey of your website, training material, marketing material, etc. to check your brand message is consistent across all forms of communication.


Throughout the multilingual branding project, TTC wetranslate checks that each step of the process meets our high quality standards.

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As one of the leading experts in delivering fast and reliable language solutions to fit your business needs, we are proud to have expertise not only in all major industry sectors, but also across all popular platforms and technologies.

We work closely with clients to produce documentation within very tight deadlines. We are skilled in using Internet technologies and the World Wide Web, across PC and Macintosh platforms. Our leading edge tools and infrastructure give you flexible control of your language requirements.

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