Be confident your brand name has a positive impactBrand Name Checking- Brand

When you are expanding your brand into new markets, it is important that you check the name means exactly what you think it means. Brand name checking does not need to be an expensive process. The money you spend on brand name checking is nothing compared to the irrefutable damage that could occur by launching a brand name that creates a negative image.

TTC wetranslate can help you ensure your brand name is appropriate and will have the impact you want.

We offer the following brand name checking services:

    • Develop a checking survey that can be sent to language professionals in the target countries.
    • Provide experienced translators who are familiar with the local culture, customs and products.
    • Alert you to any issues that our linguists highlight and conduct an Internet search of other products using similar names in the market.

At TTC wetranslate, we are flexible in our approach and can work with you to check your brand name whether you need the check for one market or several.

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