Translation services aren’t just about turning documents from one language to another – there are many different applications for language skills:



When information needs to be presented to people who don’t speak or read your language, it’s essential to have an accurate and clear translation.


When there’s an important visitor from overseas having an interpreter ensures your business communications go smoothly and successfully.

Brand name checking

Brand name checking to ensure your new product doesn’t offend anyone in the countries where you plan to
promote it.

Multilingual DTP

If you are producing material for several marketplaces our multilingual print and publishing division are experienced in developing and laying out material for various different languages.

Business card translation

TTC’s experienced team makes this a straight forward process. Business card translation is available in all languages including Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hebrew, Japanese and Korean.

Multilingual branding

Multilingual branding to ensure your message matches the culture and customs in each target country.

Cultural awareness

Cultural awareness consultancy that offers you an in-depth insight into how business is done in the country where you are planning to do business.

British Sign Language

Interpreters who can deliver your message for people with hearing difficulties at meetings and conferences.

Website localisation

This is the process of adapting content or products to meet the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements of a specific target market. 

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