Patents are some of the most complex and important technical and legal documents in existence. Make sure you translate your patent into success with TTC wetranslate’s Patent Translation Service.

Translating the language of a patent requires specific technical knowledge and in many cases, knowledge of legal terminology. A small mistake can cost millions of pounds and negate years of research, which is why it is imperative to hire experienced, knowledgeable and highly trained translators to translate patents.

For your patent translation you will have a translator who is an expert in your field and extremely knowledgeable regarding all the proper terminology and concepts detailed in your patent.

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Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Taking out a patent on new intellectual property is an exciting endeavour. You or your organisation has created a new product or process and needs to tell the world about your creation while maintaining your legal rights. Just filling the patent application itself is a complex process involving legal experts, and that is not to mention the painstakingly detailed technical information you must provide when describing your creation in the patent application.

Our translators not only help you translate your complex technical information, they also help you translate your current patent application into the proper legal format for other countries. Contract an expert translator and never leave your intellectual property rights to chance.

Translating Patents into Success

Our technical experts can translate all or part of a patent from another language, allowing you full access to written descriptions and art such as tables, graphs, abstracts, and diagrams. Be fully informed before making an important business decision and hire an expert translator for all your patent translation requirements.

Upholding Intellectual Property Laws

In the competitive world of intellectual property rights, lawyers are integral to upholding the rights of patent holders. Understanding that even one mistranslated word can affect legal outcomes, we offer the expert and precise translation necessary when dealing with legal matters.

What you get:

  •  Certified Translations
  •  Professional translations in 100 languages
  •  Free consultancy and quote to all customers
  •  Ability to work with all major DTP applications
  •  Dedicated project manager for each job
  •  Strict quality control procedures
  •  Professional indemnity insurance
  •  Translation memory tools for consistency & cost saving


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