Native language speakers + Industry knowledge = message impact

Translation can be an inexact science and an art. Literal translation, word for word doesn’t usually convey the message accurately. Local idiom, grammar, colloquial expressions and technical terms can combine into a message that’s completely incomprehensible!

If your organisation aims to be a key player in the international marketplace you need to be certain that your messages are received clearly and accurately. You need to be confident that the translation:

  • Means the same in the target language
  • Avoids ambiguities and incorrect terminology
  • Has the impact you intended
  • Doesn’t cross any cultural taboos
  • Is technically accurate

You’ll get every one of these boxes ticked when you work with TTC wetranslate Ltd. Our translators are experienced professionals who work with you to understand your project, your aims and objectives.

As your translator will have firsthand knowledge of your target audience and a thorough knowledge of your industry they can advise not only on language, but also about legal restrictions, colloquialisms and cultural issues. This means that the outcome you get will be the result of a strategic partnership with an in-depth understanding from start to finish.

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