Online Games

Use Professional Games Translation and Localisation service to ensure your game makes a global impact.

The gaming experience is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative industries in media today and your customers’ expectations are high.
As a games developer, your creation can connect with your audience on a global level for maximum market impact. That means perfect translation so players from any nationality can enjoy the game without losing your intended effect.

 Delivering your game in the language of the player will:
• Make your creation attractive to gamers across the world
• Improve their gaming experience in terms of meaning and effect
• Increase your revenue potential.

When you choose TTC for your games localisation, with an international reach of over 100 languages available to you for translation, you’ll have:

• Experienced professional games translators who understand your game’s intended effect – and can translate your words without losing their impact
• A strategic partnership with you and your copy writers from the start to meet your aims and objectives
• Consultation throughout development with translators who know the cultural specifics of the country, such as legal restrictions, colloquialisms and the need to avoid cultural bias
• Translators matched to your project according to their experience with the specific game platform, and who are games enthusiasts.

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