Association of Translation Companies (ATC) Code of Professional Conduct

1. Member companies shall only supply translations which have been prepared by a competent translator.

2. Member companies will make every reasonable effort to check the accuracy of the final translation before offering it to the client.

3. It is recommended that member companies shall offer their services in accordance with the General Terms of Trading recommended by the Association.

4. Member companies must carry professional indemnity insurance cover to a level recommended by the Association in respect of errors and omissions in translations.

5. Member companies shall safeguard the confidence of both present and former clients and shall not disclose or use these confidences to the disadvantages or prejudice of such clients, or to the financial advantage of the member company.

6. Member companies should not unjustifiably criticise translations done by other translators in order to solicit business.

7. Member companies have a general duty of fair dealing towards their existing and past clients, fellow members, other members of the translating profession and members of the public.

8. Member companies shall not make misleading or unsubstantiated claims in their literature and advertising material.

9. Member companies shall not engage in any practise, nor conduct themselves in any manner detrimental to the reputation and interest of the Association of Translation Companies.

10. Member companies shall agree to abide by the findings of the Association’s arbitration service in cases of dispute between clients and members.

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