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The 7 Mistakes Translation Companies
Should Avoid

The 7 Mistakes Translation Companies Should Avoid brochure

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How to Grow your Business Globally -

Introduction to International Trade!’

How to grow your business globally booklet coverWritten by Levent Yildizgoren, Managing Director of TTC Language Services, this booklet intends to raise awareness of international trade.

Introduction to the booklet by Mike Smith – Chelmsford City Council.

“This publication offers some expert advice and guidance to help you in your first steps to international trade. With UK Trade & Investment, a Government department also able to provide assistance there really is no time like the present to take your business to the next level.”




  • 7 Reasons for international trade
  • Planning and strategy – Assessing your readiness
  • Marketing
  • Market research
  • Market entry strategy
  • Tax and legal issues
  • Using a short checklist for preparation
  • Essential mistakes to avoid
  • Useful Links
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The Nine Translation Slip-ups to Avoid

The 9 Translation mistakes to avoid brochure

Read our 24 page A4 brochure to avoid the most common translation mistakes in order to run your translation projects smoothly and effectively.


These mistakes cost money and time and can cause frustrations. Click on the brochure cover below to download it. There is a simple email activation process to make sure you requested the download.







1 – Doing it yourself
2 – Relying on machine translation
3 – Not telling your translator what it’s for
4 – Not providing all the details
5 – Not agreeing on the quality criteria
6 – Not using previously translated documents
7 – Choosing the cheapest translator
8 – Not planning the translation project
9 – Not using plain English

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The 7 Mistakes Translation Companies Should Avoid

The 7 Mistakes Translation Companies Should Avoid brochure


We regularly provide language services to other translation companies through my company TTC Language Services Limited and I have seen these 7 mistakes come up time and time again.

I would like to share with you our experiences and a number of tips gathered from working with more than 200 translation companies over the years.

A4 size, 20pp Booklet



1 – “I am just the messenger” syndrome
2 – “The translator let me down”
3 – “I will send the purchase order as soon as I have a minute”
4 – “It is only a couple of words…”
5 – “I will tell you the rest in the next message”
6 –  Not ‘knowing’ your translator
7 – “I will deal with the translator’s invoice when I am not so busy”

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