The world gets smaller and smaller as technology advances and to communicate effectively with an international audience, it is essential to speak their language.

Information presented in a language the reader doesn’t understand will not make any real impact. It doesn’t matter if it’s:

  • Promotional information – your company brochure or specific information on products or services
  • Reports and white papers – to share knowledge and establish your reputation as an expert source
  • Manuals and instructions – to ensure users understand exactly how to operate gadgets, machinery and systems
  • Proposals, sales documents and other inter-company material for clients, suppliers, joint venture partners, agents and representatives.

If the message is ‘lost in translation’ your business is likely to suffer.

Poor translations are worse than no translation at all. Translators who are inexperienced, not translating into their mother tongue, and/or translating documents outside of their specialised subject areas can produce some real ‘howlers’ which can be really embarrassing for your business.

You’ll find our translation service provides you with experts who are native speakers of the target language, with business sense and industry knowledge so your message is translated with thought and meaning not just literally.

Fast and professional translation services

We have an international network of translators covering over 100 languages. They only translate into their mother-tongues and they will specialise in the fields they translate.

Our project managers will match your subject to a suitably experienced translator, ensuring you get culturally sensitive, accurate translations delivered on time.